This site is a complete wreck, and probably always will be...Why?  Well I blame the ever evolving methods of actually creating a website and my general lack of any coding or webpage design knowledge.  The first version of this website began in 1997 while I was a student at Northwest Missouri State University as required course work for some computer course I was taking at that time it only contained photo links to a few of my favorite websites, it has since evolved into what you see today.  Like any project I've ever worked on this one I've added and added and added to until it becomes an endless labyrinth that defies repair and any logic.  By all means, come on in, I just can't guarantee you'll make it out. 

I hope to keep adding new sections to this page as time / ideas allow, so check back often.


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All images on this site are mine and any reuse is strickly prohibited.

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